‍'In Tune with Mathematics'

We're offering our sixth-formers at EPCHS an invitation to visit the Liverpool Mathematics Society Autumn 2012 Lecture: 'In Tune With Mathematics' by Kevin Houston.
This is a non-ticketed public event, so anyone else out there that's interested and that can get to the University of Liverpool on Thursday 11 October from 17:00 for a couple of hours can come along too.
Here's a taster:

Key information from the LMS website:
"Thursday 11 October 17:30 - 18:30 with refreshments from 17:00
University of Liverpool, University Lecture Room Building, Room B, Grove Street, Liverpool. This is close to L69 7ZF, or see Building 221 on the map which also shows visitor car parks. (Note that the 'staff car parks' are available to visitors only after 17:30.)
No tickets required.

What does it mean to be musically 'in tune'? The story takes us from Pythagoras to the modern day. We'll see why the standard Western tuning of instruments is in fact out of tune and we'll see how mathematics revolutionized the music industry via software that helps singers sing in tune. Along the way we hope to solve the puzzle of the Beatles' Magical Mystery Chord.

Suitable for Year 10 and up."
You might also want to look at the notes we made of Marcus de Sautoy's after dinner lecture at the 2012 MA conference.


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