Autograph 11-16

What is the source:

  • Course led by Douglas Butler

What's the big idea?

A series of tried and tested lesson plans using Autograph at KS3 and KS4, focussing on transformations, linear equations and data handling.

What is their background?

Douglas Butler - iCT Training Centre (Oundle)

What are they saying?

This course demonstrated how autograph 3.3 can be used interactively to aid the teaching of geometry, linear equations and parabolas amongst other ideas.

Where can I learn more?

TSM Resources

What next?

Explain what relevance this has to us:
  • How will this change your practice?
  • What do you or we need to do differently to make use of this idea?
  • How will it improve learning?

Pay particular attention to the last question: if you can't see how it improves learning, say so.