Ofsted Good Practice (in mathematics) Films

Ofsted offer some guidance about what they consider to be good practice. We should watch each study closely and understand what they're highlighting and how we can apply the best bits to what we do.

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Darrick Wood School

  • Teaching for understanding

  • Introducing algebraic conventions
  • Guided discovery
  • Efficient re-use of resources
  • Questioning technique
  • Use of misconceptions and errors to stimulate thinking through teacher-directed dialogue

The school certainly is successful in gaining high percentages of learners A*-C grades; attainment is Outstanding:
"Examination Results 2012
GCSE - Our best results ever with 94% achieving 5+A*-C grades and 82% 5+A*-C grades with English and Mathematics."
"91% expected progress in mathematics."
You may wish to explore their data further on Darrick Wood School's data dashboard.

What can we learn from each 60 second chunk of film?

Standard lesson starting routines are in place, but maybe not so established that the teacher feels confident to simply allow pupils to carry them out without a nudge/reminder.
This lesson is in a dedicated mathematics room with display that shows some famous mathematicians (small pictures between windows) and other colourful display.
This classroom has an interactive whiteboard, some storage space, but it isn't either very new, nor very large.
Pupils are in good uniform, quiet and focused. A few seem nervous of the cameras. One pupil arrives a few moments late, but doesn't draw the teacher's attention away from settling the class.

The Subject Leader (Andrew Hughes) is being interviewed in an office space which appears to be used only by mathematics staff.
The bookshelf is well-stocked with maths texts. Amongst others, I can recognise Edexcel GCSE textbooks, but they aren't the newest ones; the National Numeracy Strategy; the Standards Box.
The Standards Box seems particularly relevant given the subsequent teaching style.
Andrew Hughes "We haven't had to rely too heavily on revision classes and extra things after school. The quality of the teaching has led to the exam results."
Exam success is shared and celebrated with pupils via a poster (but we can't see where that is displayed.)

The featured teacher begins to set out the 12 Days of Christmas algebra task.