... is a free-to-use website that offers 'mathematics to help you get better' as it says in our byline.
We want to help to insire everyone in our community to enjoy learning and using mathematics and to help learners develop some of the skills they need to be successful in life. By adding this online face to our work as an educational team at Ellesmere Port Catholic High in Cheshire, England, our community has simply grown a little larger. You are welcome to join it.
Pete Capewell, June 2011.

mathsurgery began

... in 2002 as my extra-curricular support club for learning mathematics at a secondary school near Liverpool. This revision club has been duplicated, developed and extended in my current school Ellesmere Port Catholic High.
The mathsurgery ethos has always been to provide support and resources on-demand and without a long-term commitment from its users. The option to drop in for a few minutes or have an extended series of lessons has always been a central premise of the offer we make.

mathsurgery.wikispaces online

... is a new development, started in April 2011, where we intend to support learning in- and outside school using the best of Web2.0 teaching and learning.

meet the team

we invite members of the wiki development team to drop a thumbnail and a link to their profile here:
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