This page to record websites for useful tools and sources of digital content

EasyPortfolio is an iPad app that allows you to draw together digital media associated with individual learners: a filing system so that blogs, videos, photos and e-docs that you have collected on a particular learner are tagged in such a way that you can draw them quickly together and review them. See the review at PE-Geek
PEgeek portfolio app.pngEasy Portfolio at itunes

What is Wolfram Alpha?

Wolfram virtual conference 2011

the Tarsia jigsaw maker download.

  • OER commons

  • storybird is a story-writing collaboration tool. Really pretty, with some neat collabotaive tools.

a quick mock up of page 1 of Geo Find the Other Side (Pythagoras?)

  • pixton high quality comic creator. Sample work:

  • addthis tool (send to facebook, twitter, blog, etc)

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