house design rules

many publishers develop house rules for design issues - to keep things looking professional and clean there are some rules here too.

here are our house rules:
  • avoid calling anything but the unique home page anything associated with the word 'home'

  • almost all text should appear in a sans-serif font, ideally Century Gothic - this is specified in the custom style-sheet so you shouldn't have to worry about it

  • algebra should be Times New Roman and variables should be italicized like this 3x + 2 unless you're...
  • using LaTeX go with its defaults, although $\displaystyle [...] $ works well and \dfrac{}{} seems generally preferable to \frac{}.
  • as a suggestion, use tables to justify LaTeX so it matches surrounding indentation, like this:

  • undue use of capitals and inappropriate heading sizes is to be avoided

  • keep the page clean and use adequate white space

  • control the colour palette: house colours are
    • #215868 (RGB 33, 88, 104) which microsoft call aqua accent 5, darker 50% .....
    • #FFFFCC (RGB 255, 255, 204) which microsoft call light yellow, but I'd call cream and is about this colour .....
    • used very sparingly is orange accent 6 darker 25% colour #D3600A (RGB 227, 108, 10) and looks like this .....
    • for incidental information such as date of last edit, use mid grey #808080 .....
    • I've chosen to stick to internet norms of blue for links and purple for followed links. Just allow wikispaces to format it for you.
    • use the orange colour theme at Wolfram Widgets too please - it matches nicely
    • if you're feeling really meticulous, you might use aqua, cream and orange in your diagrams, textboxes and arrows even in Word - see the example below:

  • on the homepage I'm using thumbnails designed in Paint to be 80 × 80 pixels, but then reduced a little using the resize - button

  • citations follow advice from wikipedia and the AMS citation model where appropriate