penny pyramid - a math pedagogy case study


What is the source?

Dan Meyer
I came across the problem as the all-time number one picture on 101qs.
It is also available as a zip file in the 3-acts website.
There's also a great video of Dan exemplifying his teaching style in a (condensed) demonstration lesson for the Cambridge nrich conference:

What's the big idea?

Given the prompt (photo, video), what the first question that comes to your learners' minds? How can the skilled math teacher guide learners to create and solve their own questions with a highly honed questioning technique?

What is their background?

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What are they saying?

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Where can I learn more?

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What next?

Explain what relevance this has to us:
  • How will this change your practice?
  • What do you or we need to do differently to make use of this idea?
  • How will it improve learning?

Pay particular attention to the last question: if you can't see how it improves learning, say so.