technical advice

a menu page to link to advice on particular technical issues related to creating mathematical wiki pages


Remember that everything we post is subject to collective commons copyright policy, so you are effectively asserting that you are the copyright holder and you allow others to reuse, remix and repost your work, subject to certain conditions. This means that it's essential that any works you post are yours to 'give away.' Check that you know the copyright status of all works: text, photos, videos and other Widgets and uploads. Make good use of the advanced search tools in Google to filter for permissions. Check out the guidance on copyright at

general advice:

Try things out in a variety of web browsers on a variety of computers and mobile devices - what seems to work on one may not on another and vice-versa.
Google Chrome ; Opera ; Internet Explorer ; Mozilla Firefox ; Apple Safari
resize_window.jpgRemember that the browser window can resize and the items are floating within the frame. Try playing withthis now.


Have a look at wikispaces' guide to inserting widgets part 1 and inserting widgets part 2.

It may be wise to create another wikito allow alternative write and edit permission policies, such as if/when pupils are allowed to edit.

There are a number of significant design issues in using digital media to teach mathematics which you may wish to explore

specific media and resources:

  • use Geogebra dynamic geometry and graphing software to illustrate your ideas