This week at EPCHS is week 37

Monday 20 June 2011 - Friday 24 June 2011
Monday is an INSET day, so no lessons.

year 7

are learning...

year 8

are learning about 2D and 3D shapes

year 9

are sitting the end of year SATs exams (progress tests)
  • the end of year exams happen on Wednesday 22 June 2011
  • for revision materials try
  • next week year 9 return to the GCSE course with module N2

year 10

are sitting their GCSE modular exam and then starting unit 3
  • your GCSE unit 2 exam is on Tuesday 21 June 2011.
  • from Tuesday onward we begin unit 3 with module N6 - using fractions and percentages
  • we begin N6 with a functional module N6F - disaster relief

year 11

have completed their GCSEs
  • bring back your books and revision folders please
  • have a good summer
  • see you on results day

year 12

are starting C3.
  • the general C3 page has links to the topics and worked solutions to allow you to check your independent study
  • copies of some of the more interactive classwork tasks are on the C3 alternative study program page

year 13

have now completed their A-levels
  • please bring in any textbooks and revision materials you have borrowed over the course
  • we'll look forward to sharing your success on results day
  • have a good summer