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Our sixth-form curriculum meets the Edexcel A-Level qualifications for Mathematics and Further Mathematics. If you follow are studying toward different advanced High School mathematics qualifications try using the search box or tag cloud to find links to particular topics and skills.
  • C1 core unit 1

  • C2 core unit 2

  • C3 core unit 3

  • C4 core unit 4

  • D1 decision maths unit 1

  • D2 decision maths unit 2

  • FP1 further pure maths 1

  • FP2 further pure maths 2

  • FP3 further pure maths 3

  • M1 mechanics 1

  • M2 mechanics 2

  • S1 statistics 1

  • S2 statistics 2

For many topics in A-level mathematics the rather 'old-school,' but nevertheless excellent book Just the Maths by A.J. Hobson, published online by Coventry University, is a good background reader. They've also published a pretty big range of videos on lots of A-level topics
Along side the sixth-form mathematics, sits the AQA A-level physics work that over-laps with the content of M1. A physics approach to the content of this Newtonian mechanics is presented below: