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I'm a learner of mathematics
(pupils and students of any age)
search through the scheme of learning calendar for your year group:
  • year 7, year 8 or year 9 (key stage 3)
  • year 10 or year 11 (key stage 4 - GCSE)
  • sixth-form (key stage 5 - A-level)
find help on a particular skill or topic
  • type a keyword into the search box on the left of the screen
  • look for a keyword or phrase in the tag cloud at the bottom left
  • use the topic index

If you hit a page that asks you to become a member to create a page, that's because I've created a link ready for the new page, but haven't got round to it yet!

You may find you need to download Windows Journal Viewer, a pdf reader and other freeware to access all of the files we upload. Increasingly we're uploading files in multiple formats to keep non-pc users happy.

To find help on something that you are learning this week in school, keep an eye on the current learning calendar section of the homepage or navigate to our sister site mathsurgery-sandbox.wikispaces.com where you can request membership and post your question.

For more help, use the mathsurgery club after school on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.
I'm a supporter of the learner
(parents, coaches or mentors)
To find out what is being taught in school this week:

To find out what has been taught in the past or will be taught in future weeks:

To learn when key assessments and revision opportunities are:
To help you offer support for more effective learning and revision:

To get a detailed list of objectives for a particular key stage (warning, these are written for maths teachers, so the language is less than user-friendly):

To buy the recommended maths equipment a successful learner needs for class (EPCHS parents only, please: we don't set out to be a retailer, we're just trying to help our parents find high quality equipment/calculators!)

You may contact us using a feedback form or contact school.
I'm want to teach someone some mathematics
(visiting teachers, tutors)
You are welcome to use our materials in your teaching, although you will need some logon details for certain links to otehr websites providing subscription services. We provide resources under the collective commons licence, so you may reuse, remix and develop our resources, but you may not resell them for profit. We take every effort to use other people's ideas fairly and within copyright. If you feel your copyright has been infringed, please contact us using a feedback form.
I want to become a contributor to mathsurgery
Please request to join the wiki.
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